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OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM parts are made by the automobile manufacturer (Ford, Chrysler,Toyota, etc.)

Aftermarket Aftermarket parts are manufactured by companies other than automobile manufacturers and are designed to serve as replacements for the OEM parts. Some examples are Sears Die-Hard batteries, Monroe shock absorbers and Midas mufflers. We always test fit before painting to make sure the parts fit like the OEM part did. These parts can be certified by organizations like CAPA (Certified Automotive Parts Association) or MQVP (Manufacturers’ Qualification and Validation Program).

LKQ or Recycled LKQ (like, kind and quality) parts (also known as recycled parts) are OEM parts from vehicles in salvage yards. Reputable salvage yards are careful in the selection of the vehicles they choose to remove parts from. They have strict inspection and identification standards and their parts go through a series of pre-delivery quality checks.

Reconditioned or Remanufactured Bumper covers, headlamps, rear lamps and wheel rims are often reconditioned. In the case of headlamps and rear lamps, a company specializing in lamp remanufacturing will be able to take the good pieces from two or three different slightly damaged lamps and reconstruct one with no damage at all. Using special equipment for the reconditioning process, a company will be able to take slightly damaged bumper covers and rims and make them look like new. This process greatly reduces the amount of plastic and aluminum waste filling our landfills.

Note: No matter which type of part is used to repair your vehicle, it will fall under the same warranty as its OEM counterpart.


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